Hi – how are you?

LET’S TALK: What do you need? After years of denial, now I am proud to own up to my unique generalist skill set in the creative sector – I’ve done (and do) a little bit of everything – which likely means I can help you out. I’m currently based in Chicago relishing in the arts, culture and ever-changing dynamics of one of the greatest cities in the world.

I’m an arts administrator, an arts doer, a marketer, a processor, a project manager, a fundraiser, a mediator and a diplomat; I will think critically about immediate and lasting impact so that you don’t have to and if you find yourself in a logistical jam, I’ll be your “go-to” gal with my knack for quick problem solving. My heart center is in shepherding an idea from a glint in someone’s eye to the moment of high five completion. I empower those around me and celebrate collaboration. Let’s all learn from each other – it’s way more fun that way!

LET’S GET A LITTLE PERSONAL: For the past 6 years, I’ve used my birthday as a way to spark positive change by producing a concert to raise money for a select nonprofit organization in lieu of the traditional birthday bash. Beneficiaries have included health and human service organizations, theaters and community service projects. While my primary career focus has been spent in the performing arts, the young girl who grew up wanting to be a sports writer continues to run wild cheering on my favorite sports teams – the Chicago Cubs and Nebraska Huskers. Teamwork, compassion, work ethic, and drive – lessons taught in sports and art!

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