A few New Years Eves ago, my friends and I started a tradition of each adapting a motto to carry with us through the next year. As I’ve walked through 2017, I’ve embraced “make room for it not to work”. Borrowing the thoughts I shared on the social medias leading up to January 1, 2017, I chose this phrase because often when it doesn’t work, we discover how it can be better. When it doesn’t work, we try harder, reexamine, refresh, rethink. We ask for help. We look from different angles. We force ourselves to see clearer, more carefully. We strive for something more efficient, effective, productive. Our minds open to new possibilities. Our hearts beat in panic until we find the next step in the solution. That beat drives us through that problem to the problem after that and after that one and so on until in it we find a new rhythm that feels warm, capable, cozy. Something we can maintain.

As we (somehow) move into the final 2 months of 2017 (how’d that happen? Seriously.), I can report that I have lived this motto to its fullest. There has been much that has not worked, much that has challenged my growth and much that has forced me to think wildly differently than I have for much of the past decade of my life. The pain and fear are real. We are struggling to slow down and be gentle with ourselves. The state of the world’s affairs has created a level of anxiety that is palpable and haunting and at times suffocating in many of us. There is no consistent rhythm right now anywhere to be found. I find some sweet moments of solace in being an artist; working in a field that supports, encourages and explores all that makes humanity. These storytellers inspire me every minute.  

I continue to strive to listen and discover more ways I can be an ally and a support to those who face challenges I will never know. I find myself saying over and over again “YOU ARE ENOUGH” – to those I care about and on occasion reminding myself – might as well throw another one out there right now:


Not in spite of being a woman, a person of color, a gender fluid human, a non-Christian or any other qualifier someone is handing you, but YOU ARE ENOUGH simply if you are committed to good. I proudly take steps forward so that my tiny footprints might join together with all of the others on this journey and create an indisputable path; one that is so deeply and indestructibly ingrained in the earth that even if it gets washed away, it can always, always, always be found.

I am hopeful that in the next 2 months I will discover what 2018’s motto needs to be, mostly because I like tradition, but I’ll make room for that not to work, too. In the hopes that when it does, when the universe or the energies or whatever it is that sings to the best times, sends a new song our way – I’ll be worthy of it. And easily grow into finding that cozy, cool new beat.

As my dear collaborator and friend Max always says, “make it go”, friends –


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