When I was a senior in high school, I was the Sports Editor of the newspaper. The title of my first editorial was “It’s a girl!”, in which I proceeded to ramble for a few hundred words about my deep love for the Chicago Cubs, Nebraska Huskers and my growing understanding of hockey and tennis. Ultimately, when I look back on that moment, I was using clever words to apologize for being a chick who liked sports. And, really, being a chick who actually knew something about sports.

Now, 15 years later, I still find myself apologizing – for a lot. But every single day, I find myself doing that less, because every single day, I watch the women in my life make choices that are intentional and smart; decisions that uphold the simultaneous values of generosity and strength. I watch them lead with grace and dignity. I watch them pursue, relentlessly, for what they want and what the people in their lives need. I watch them teach, guide, challenge, create, build, change, grow, learn and love. Without apology. I see them. I see you. I celebrate you. I am inspired by you. I follow you.

So in honor of #internationalwomensday, here’s a picture of me, wearing a ridiculous hat, drinking a beer and being caught in a moment of total joy because I was going to a Nebraska football game. Because I’m still a chick who really digs sports. And from this point on, I’m at least done apologizing for that.


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